Insulating powder for large feeders. Contains over 18% of metallic aluminium. Combustion sinters the material to form a porous exfoliating cover which insulates without causing thermal circulation. Unwanted by molten steel.

Key Features

  • Low Density (0,60 - 0,75) giving high insulation value.
  • Forms a crust necessitating one application only.
  • Very low fume from controlled oxidation reactions.
  • Consistency - produced to stringent quality standards.

Instructions for Use

Sufficient Isotop should be added to cover the feeder to an even depth of 10 - 15 % of its diameter. Material should be added as the metal rises in the feeder or immediately pouring is complete. If this done there is no need for a second application.


1, 2 or 5kg bags and 25 paper sacks, shrinks film wrapped, on pallets (1 tonne per pallet).

Health & Safety

In the event of spillage material should be swept up or vacuumed. Material should be kept dry. Do not extinguish with water. Material will ignite at temperatures in excess of 800°C. In the event of material entering eyes irrigate immediately.

Date of Issue

20.3.1995 Issue A