Our ISOTHERM SLEEVES are manufactured from our well known, high quality ISOTHERM insulation bricks.

Any dimensions, depending on your requirement, can be produced.

Below you can find a short overview of some typical dimensions:

Type Dimensions
Type 5 200mm x 30mm
Type 6 250mm x 30mm
Type 7 320mm x 30mm
Type 8 320mm x 30mm
Type 9 400mm x 30mm
Type 11 450mm x 30mm
Type 12 500mm x 30mm
Type 13 500mm x 30mm
Type 14 540mm x 45mm
Type 15 600mm x 45mm
Type OV1 620mm x 420mm x 45mm
Type OV2 710mm x 500mm x 45mm
Type OV3 850mm x 550mm x 65mm
Type OV4 910mm x 590mm x 65mm
Type OV5 970mm x 680mm x 65mm
Type OV7 820mm x 430mm x 45mm