CFZierler GmbH is a company specialised within the steel and iron foundries, steel works and static cast roll sectors of the foundry industry.

We are currently supplying over 90% of the foundries within Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa with either consumable products or technology.

Our consumable products are primarily aimed at quality improvement via ceramic holloware and feeder insulation through to hot toppings and special sands. These products are integrated with our software systems which address feeder ingating and melting technology.

By utilising this integrated approach, improvements in yield, pouring time erosion resistance can be combined with reductions or elimination of inclusions, hot tears and overall process times.

The emphasis being always on quality improvement with cost savings.

For rollmakers in particular we have developed a system for the removal of hot tops/arc feeders for all sizes of rolls.

The method results in improved consistency in barrel and top neck soundness combined with top neck dimension reduction. This results in "cast and walk away" production.

In short, our philosophy of "as cast" not "after cast" is in our opinion the only way in which foundries can be both competitive and meet the quality and delivery demands of their customers.