No More Hot Topping or Arc Feeding

Modulus calculation taking into consideration

  • Finished roll diameters
  • The junction between mainbarrel and top/bottom journals
  • Influence of moulding chills with or without sand layer
  • Modulus reduction caused by the limited sand thickness between mould surface and the moulding box

Solidification control

  • Solidification / feeding distances
    • determination of solidification distance in the top and bottom journal
    • how to increase feeding distance
  • Reduction of top journal diameter in order to reduce machining time by the use of insulation material

Feeder calculation

  • Feeder modulus
  • Minimum feeder volume dependent on steel - analysis
  • No arc feeding or hot topping
  • Feeder neck calculation

Recommendation for steel deoxidation practices dependant on melting methods/procedure

The use of these techniques would allow rolls to be cast and forgotten until knockout. No hot tops arc feeders would be required.