The use of the hot-tops during steel ingot casting was introduced mostly to eliminate the shrinkage cones which formduring the liquid to solid state change of steel. Later, new pit casting technology, yield optimisation and the need to obtain quality products at a lower cost simulated research to increase the hot-tops efficiency and efficacy. Since 1991, we developed for this purpose a new kind of ceramic hot top, which satisfies all the requirements of the market, making the product optimal for all customers needs. Moreover, the educed cost, the easy handling due to the low specific weight, the low cost of setting up, the optimal insulation power and the high yield, have made this product to the most profitable of this kind. Laboratory tests on the thermal conductivity of this new kind of hot-top showed that the insulation value is more than double when compared to the commonly used insulation hot-tops. This characteristic has permitted a reduction of up to 20% of the hottop steel weight and often enabled the replacement of the exothermic riser with the same result.


Typical analysis:

P.p.C 6/8%
C. tot. 0/2%
C.lib. 0/2%
SiO2 76/81%
Fe2O3 0.1%
Al2O3 11/14%
CaO + MgO 0,2%
Na2O – K2O 0,2%
Apparent density: 0,4/0,6 kg/dm



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